The Bahamas

The Bahamas, an archipelago located off the southeastern coast of the United States of some 700 Islands and Cays is ideally suited for international investors. The capital is Nassau which is located on the Island of New Providence . Direct flights from many cities Europe and the United States afford easy accessibility and a flight from Miami or Ft. Lauderdale is only 45 minutes.

The Bahamas is an independent nation having attained the same from the Great Britain on July 10th 1973 With over 275 years of parliamentary democracy the Bahamas is a politically stable country. The rule of law is strictly adhered to and an independent legal system affords the investor convenience and comfort in investments. As a former colony and a member of the Commonwealth of Nations the Privy Council in the United Kingdom is our final appeals court.

An added advantage to conducting business in the Bahamas is the absence of income, capital gains, estate, profits, sales, value added, gift or inheritance taxes which allows the Bahamas to be an ideal offshore jurisdiction.

Banking is the second industry of the country and the Bahamas has an experienced group of professionals to service all of the clients needs. The financial infrastructure of The Bahamas is made up of approximately 400 banks and trust companies with representative branches or affiliates of almost every major international financial institution.

Most of these banks are licensed to take deposits from any individual or corporation. The Bahamian dollar does not float and is pegged to the US dollar on a one to one basis allowing for both currencies to be used interchangeably for everyday transactions.