Services Provided by C.F. Butler & Associates

Company Information And Management

The Firm is a licensed financial and corporate services provider which is regulated under statute laws of The Bahamas. Company incorporations specifically resident companies, International Business Co

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Criminal Law

Although not an extensive component of the practice, we provide a full range of criminal defense services. Representation in both Magistrate and Supreme Courts. Bail applications Appeals (Court of App

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Debt Collection And Recovery

The firm provides an extensive debt collection and recovery service to many local businesses inclusive of commercial banking institutions, leading retail stores, leading wholesalers and grocers, co-op

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The Bahamas through innovative legislation is poised to take advantage of today’s technological advances. Accordingly the firm has familiarized itself with the intricacies of internet law and is

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C.F. BUTLER & ASSOCIATES, seeks to assist its clients in understanding Bahamian immigration laws procedure and policies. We offer an extensive service in Procuring permanent residency with or wit

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A full range of services are offered: Registration of insurance companies. Advise on the establishment of captive insurance vehicles. Claims for or against insurers.

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